CatX Boosts Analytics Capabilities with Moody’s RMS

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Feb 21, 2024
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CatX, a regulated digital marketplace that connects (re)insurers and brokers with alternative capital, is excited to announce it is enhancing its capabilities working with Moody’s RMS, the leading risk modeling and solutions company. Moody’s RMS analytics will help enable CatX to support brokers and cedents in accessing a broader capacity base as well as model and price risk more effectively. Institutional investors can leverage the leading natural catastrophe models in the reinsurance market to better understand underlying risks when making investment decisions.

With the inclusion of RMS’ risk view, CatX users have access to comprehensive risk analysis and modeling tools, empowering them to make informed investment decisions and identify high-return opportunities. By offering a shared view of risk for (re)insurers, brokers andI LS investors, the platform simplifies communications and helps all parties to close transactions faster. In addition, cedents can run simulations to identify optimum capital structures, benchmarking traditional and alternative sources ofcapacity.  

Ben Brookes, Managing Directorat Moody’s RMS said: “We are delighted to extend and strengthen our work with CatX and excited to show how our data and analytics can enhance the speed, precision, and consistency across all risk decisions. As the increased impact from major catastrophic events such as floods and wildfires continue to evolve, brokers and insurers are keen to embrace the latest science and technology tohelp them better understand the risks and opportunities they face.”

Benedict Altier, Chief Executive Officer of CatX: “Moody’s RMS is a trusted name in insurance risk modeling. We are excited to utilize their models and technology to assist our insurance and investment partners in enhancing their riskplacement processes. This strategic partnership emphasizes our shared goal to improveinvestor access to top-tier modeling for insurance-linked securities.”

Lucas Schneider, Chief Technology Officer at CatX: “We’re thrilled to partner with Moody’s RMS to bring their world-class analytics, including natural catastrophe and cyber modeling to CatX. This collaboration enhances our analytics capabilities and allows our users to access RMS‘ risk view, which will help bring more alternative capital to the insurance industry.”